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I know that everyone is their own views on what best works or what the best for their dogs, as it should, but I the blue brand Buffalo love. My cancer never did it healthy longevity dog and if my Shiba Inu has been struggling to keep the weight and began to look Very much unhealthy this desert was the only one (I have many) food, which it took back the weight. Her coat is beautiful, shiny and healthy, and your weight is perfect. And is it ’ the essential Aminosäuren.Rindfleisch has also A lot more Omega 6 and 3 compared to chicken. Some of the variants of vitamins and minerals are also Very much different.The bioavailability of the proteins of chicken and meat are too different. Aimee, once with location map the Lamb as poor digestibility of meat tested linked. Several different food ingredients provide nutrition to your table. Interestingly, registered technicians of veterinary Dermatology “ ”, that was the reason for this conversation, it suggests, this allergy is one of the reasons, not the food supply. Independent food scientists, at least I know ’, I agree with you wholeheartedly. Dr. smart said the veterinary clinical nutrition diversity taught for 30 years, is the key. Do you think that there would be a healthy do all day and all meals in the rest of his life? It is broad and balanced ’ people then …. This dinner was my two dogs and chat of the mucous membranes, bloody diarrhea. My dog was Flagyl twice before we realized that it was food. My cat had to take also Flagyl this food. The pet store employee said, always these foods are a time because of stomach problems. If you are looking for in Google “ Blue Buffalo ” diarrhea, many pages will be with people who have similar experiences. I'm now staying on the basis of well-being! — — — — — — — — — — — — – — unique formulas promote diets Fehlernährung.Einzigartige formulas plans paving the way for a normal Verdauung.Einzigartige formulas increase the likelihood of Unverträglichkeiten.Eine combination of food when the food is boring!Food rotation: the secret of optimum nutrition and intestinal health. The desert is an amazing formula but ’ is aimed at only a narrow window of dogs and cats. Unless the dog is not sufficient or together with the Iditarod-Don ’ t recommend. When you say you have a super active dog and wants a wheat the high protein content of the diet without gluten and later, Tell me your Chihuahua ’ ’ you are redirected to freedom. I'd recommend also gradually change. Just because you an Italian Mastiff not what ’ say ’ ISN despite the sensitive as big and muscular, is t. I would recommend if new blue slowly begins to transition into a formula such as freedom and once there slowly begin the transition towards desert. Especially, if you tell me your currently the dog offering brand eating commercial quality furniture business. These products are so different. Please don't ’ the first impression of the product, to deter them from an incredible brand. I love the blue and we believe firmly to what it has to offer. Just because a representative t does not mean languages or partner shop pet ’ always better appeal of the sentence and gave him the best recommendation. There are various methods for the transition from food for dogs. In case of doubt, it is preferable to getting. I think that the thing about BC is to receive, that the nutrients in the food synergistically (D and calcium) Act.Vitamin E is damaged from heat and air in all its forms.Change — … rethinking has requested none in the Omega-3 ” “ in a complete and balanced diet. Do you think that it is because scientific etc. consider that Omega-3 is not required? If you need, then what ’ will be required? certainly only if you provide the family with natural things. Lead and arsenic are self-evident. Dat whole-grain foods and natural things to eat. Antonio Yes, there is any real advantage ’ eat a variety of foods every day.Give me a break. .Die peas contain about 25% protein, a factor that must be taken into account, if you want to assess the content of the flesh of this food for dogs.The fifth principle is made from the root of that sixth principle is cassava Pflanze.Das starch from tapioca, starchy carbohydrates, gluten, chicken fat. Chicken fat receives from chicken, similar to rendering, the soup, in which the fat from the surface of the liquid skimmed milk is.Chicken fat is rich in linoleic acid, Omega-6 fatty acids, the essential. Even though I'm ’ t sound Very much appetizing, chicken fat is actually a quality Zutat.Das seventh principle is tomato paste. Tomato pulp is a controversial ingredient, a by-product left after processing tomatoes for juice, soup and Ketchup.Viele praise tomato pomace for its. Dr. Amy Nesselrodt DVM last year, as well as feeding your dog agility. She speaks not of power ’ on raw food, which I was able To find, but I'm ’ assuming that if there are problems, they would give up the diet of raw food. However, after a long trial of the year has prepared a document for the appropriate plant raw dog Of course magazine food types. Blogs by Nesselrodts test ’ Dr. don't think that no peer-reviewed studies are it support food ’ doesn't return t, but there is no pair reviewed studies claim that the diet should be eliminated or that a power source increases the likelihood of food intolerance must be. N t ’ my two cents for everything, but I still have ’ view always has my dog Dutch Shepherd Dog, American Pit Bull Terriers of high quality food and a difference make. You ’ eaten wild salmon forever now see Blue Buffalo and with enthusiasm and every last food croquettes per day. Both are 80 pounds of dogs and Very much powerful animals, but extremely agile and easy elegance in his feet. It has a perfect and Very much bright physicist. I think it is because their diet in relation to the amount of exercise. High quality food made up the difference of I believe. Sweet dog food, which By the way as its main source of animal protein. Purina is just ridiculous. Making the lowest grade of food. But they say that “ the animals at first place to use and the quality of the food for pets ”. Someone should tell Purina for false advertising, as well. Used to be the heart of the desert, but I wanted to try something new. Since February of 2014 in … BBW with this gas came loose chairs, diarrhea, swollen belly, here and there (hopefully more respected, what the brand cause diarrhea – because he wants to buy chicken, salmon, duck and Buffalo) and drink A lot of water. Today my dog to the vet brought, other reasons and decided, a look at this dog food … recognize ’ m is not the only person who has this problem. Over the years, I've looked at a lot of dog food. Desert BB was by far the best. I have just a new dog, and he is BB races in the lead Wolf of the desert. Do your research. Dogs are omnivores, which means that they need meat and benefits in your diet. In fact, cats are carnivores. Sees a wolf in the wild, and the first that be it, because it is the intestines of their prey contains? GRAINS. A diet free throw of grain to its carbohydrates from another source, usually on other dietary factors to get. Like this 5 star with all the negative a lot ingredients comments? This product has been through a marketing mogul and developed by veterinarians and animal nutrition consultants. Congratulations to those of you, who see through the smoke and mirrors. Discover the views of consumers. Feel your veterinarian, as they now have this food com and questions. — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — Why should the speed for my dog?Because there is no such thing as a perfect food, it is reasonable to assume that each product excessive or deficient in any way.A nutrient. Too much or too little of others. In addition, many foods may contain traces of dangerous toxins.Embedded defects tend to be reinforced if also food is fed continuously. Daily. in the course of his life. passing the regular dog food, unhealthy can serve the same faulty products follow a minimum be reduced. But again, just don't understand how ’ can compare our wild animals in nature. Their digestive system is may be The same, but not their food chain. Don't ’ are Moose, deer, rabbit and so on. I have kibble, canned and dehydrated. Every act. Laughing out loud!. The “ book, Pocket Waltham, nutrition for dogs and cats 28 page “ States ” dogs and cats to Sythesise glucose, amino acids. No essential macronutrient is carbohydrates. However, if you are deploying in their diet, cats and dogs can carbohydrates and serve as a source of fiber and energy in food for pets. ”. Yes, it sounds like a discussion on the fight against the production. A large number of cattle, all too often fed on grain. But this average of n t ’ is the best for them. So it turns out to be grass-fed beef in the stores. In a similar way a meal for dogs with the taste of meat and can make your meal with something. But you never see a food label that says: “ dog, made with meat, but seasoned with celery dog please ”. The dog does not …, but To give their barley and chicken … with taste and likes. But it is because they have cheated. Not because it usually barley eaten. My dog like no BB ’ parts of the fountain of life moves the food on the floor, takes heavy, let us bits of the source of life for walks. It's a shame ’, but unfortunately will be switching from brands like all food products containing these round pieces. First of all act sorry you attacked. It was not my goal. Yes, Of course, every dog is unique. It is interesting to note that there are different opinions/experiences here with BB. Then is every one of us that we need to discover what works for our animals. His enthusiasm led me to questions, if you work for BB or their actions. I'm glad you think that a food that is Very good suitable have found you and your furry. Is Very good ’! It would be logical that the Moose, elk or deer prey wolves would be a pack. More food for the effort. Hmm, possibly different protein sources in fact a big problem after the dog or the cat. It has ’ the most important ingredient, the food allergies, as long as there are.I think that it is the idea that animals anthropomorphic variety. Certainly, there is no basis, if you extrapolate from animals. Of course, there is financial gain ’ manufacturer with Fido eats its own dog food. But it has zero profit, dying or dead if Fido is a sick “ x ” Dining room. You eat these brands out of business without a dog. If no manufacturer shall be a product is deliberately missing. This is not ’ have his position. We hope that you to comment back. But all other minerals “ simply add … Instead of In fact with other minerals be balanced … if you stick with a food for life, Sticling (SIC!) are the unbalanced life with a mineral profile. ”, that all data regarding the size of the extrusion Trocotrienol is damaged? Everything is damaged. 15% damage or?Don't know ’ but this source ” contents Tocopehrols and tocotrienols 530 ppm increase even after 1900 > ” 19 hours refers to the continuous use of oil FRY. It may be a strange question, but here goes. As long as you provide the food, will I have to wait for the results? If my dogs have loose stool, ’ never know, Which one food can lead. Current or previous versions. Thank you very much!. The first ingredient in this food is chicken. Although it contains about 80% water of a quality item, raw chicken. After cooking the most, that moisture is lost the meat to one, to reduce a fraction of their original weight.After the treatment, this element is probably a small portion of the entire content of the finished Produktes.Der second part is chicken food. Chicken dinner is a. and despise nutrients while others as cheap filler food for pets.It is probably not enough Marc here make tomatoes, a big difference.After the natural chicken flavor, we have egg powder, dried shelled eggs. Eggs are easy to digest and have Very much high. Seriously, I stopped with my dogs with speed. I currently use chicken multi protein protein source and fish meal usually is the secondary main source of protein. But if you pets minerals vitamins eat happy is almost identical in all sections of the protein source in the vary rule in various products. You know that in fact I was laughing, because my teammates about me funny for the simple fact that the same source of protein to eat every day of chicken. Domestic dogs are omnivores, actually. On your own; Try again. in the wild, dogs ” “ me ’ m of them out that you think that wild dogs or a member of the genus Canis are entirely dependent on meat as a source of protein and nutrients. However, when we dog us today about 35,000 years we call domesticated, subspecies of Canis lupus familiaris of the species Canis Lupus is created. In this case we could slowly C.Lupus for pets, predecessor of our dog ’ by a wolf out wood create this subspecies called domestic dog. In other words - that means in plain language for your arrogant opinion; The Taming of the beast for the formation of this subspecies to our daily lives contain: Hunting, collecting education, training and rehabilitation. Along the coast, was the meat rare prior to the distribution of the masses, if costs people to get it to the meat as a daily intake in your diet, there are 3,000 by 35 000 years ago, how come you sure that they are so generous with their meat to your dog, as an instrument of the recovery itself? This animal had to learn to adapt, to be trained, against most ’ were not all instinct for the victim, or go to To find food and a feast. This animal was domesticated, which means that there are people hanging and then lose the ability, in their natural habitat of life. That is, if this animal was given food: cereals, vegetables, fruits or some kind of meat, would eat these animals without worry. In short, domesticated the dog ’ s goes to eat everything there be dedicated to the inclusion of grains. Nutrition food is not limited to meat ’ as the family Canidae. Our dogs, which brings us back to this page, are omnivorous. The Fali in believe, a fauna “ sauce ” various power supplies, I honestly don't think ’, the thinking on this Weise.Im other-it is Very much complex and the jury is or not human allergies, food and animals, less severe anaphylactic Reaktionen.Ich m ’ out for work, later To write …. He the disparaging negative not meeting blue, but simply an edifying story be. I have 4 dogs (Italian Greyhound yellow Lab, Weimaraner, Greyhound) and began his blue power indicator in the desert about six months ago. I went because I mean tried to claw the best food and I had heard good things about the blue. But at this time my vet warned me that be careful with the ball, because it can cause infections of the urinary tract and kidney problems. Reviews to ignore, because blue is a 5-star meal and I thought that I was going to buy me food she sold. Now, my Italian Greyhound to suit and dog for his check for 6 months and blood tests every year the last weekend and the blood ’ dog is back with major malformations, indicating the first signs of kidney failure. Needless to say, I was devastated at the bottom (these dogs are my children). The vet has assured me, that this time, not would it worries me also ’ but now my dog eat change must be taken into consideration and in four months his blood test back in again. He reiterated his earlier warning that come more dogs with serious health problems by blue dining room had. My other dogs seem to be good with the blue of the desert, not only I warn pet owners to monitor the health of your pets ’. Always think the blue is a great brand and my other dogs had never been so lean and healthy … but A few dogs can apparently t ’ blue. contextual ” “ no answer is in my opinion. It is an intelligent manner, avoiding a direct answer.I think that many of us here can derive conclusions ” “ between You and me. Deducted the same conclusion, but I know, that you turn the food and the first so m ’ left perplexed, what considers that a Croquette for sustained performance is suitable? No, really not believe ’, the shot in the foot. My point was that old dogs need more protein, that the food is Not good knows t ’. So, these observations are made by companies. Customers of some of the independent site ’ aren t as cheap. Read feedback from customers on this website. Hi Jennifer. I'm sorry about your problems with blue dogs. In the search for the next meal to meal, we refer to the 4 and 5 star food, but go Don t ’ star. Read the posts, as you at every meal. ’ you have a better idea of how your dog could make the experience of reading in people, had enough of these foods. There were many messages on the BB Very much similar problems like with a couple of dogs. Good luck. He was research showing that a protein causes disease of the kidney in rats not dogs. If the dogs were tested found not only not damaged protein kidney, but the protein really helps the kidneys. This investigation was launched over 20 years ago in the life. Some veterinary surgeons simply don ’ t know what you do with a kidney disorder, or who Not yet believe that the myth, then should kd. My dog had avatar kidney disease in my since birth. The symptoms were noticed at the age of six weeks. Be 8 years old, the month that comes and ate his raw reach me under nine-weeks high. But no matter the kind of cake made ill. Many are the quality of the ingredients, especially if you have a dog with a chronic illness.On the other hand I decided recently tried the KD in carton mix on your diet (to reduce phosphorus non-protein). Four hours after eating, it moved its food. There were big chunks of KD initially retained but had to Chimo and moved. Change — return very roughly and to understand other ways of reducing phosphorus (E.g. adding lightly cooked egg proteins).Kidney disease isn t ’ because of a less active ” “ way of life. It is caused by an inflammation. ’ Do not believe that the tests were carried out on dogs, but have been people (grains such as wheat) connected gluten to a kind of kidney disease. Research on mice shows that an acid toxin Domoic in fish (including fish) called the cause of kidney disease. Don ’ t know yet, to my knowledge this is relevant for humans and dogs and cats. Hill ’ t ’ s can get well high systems?Adults eat has 22% protein, during a food specifically designed for older people only 19% protein. Recent research results show that most dogs need more not less protein. The descriptions and analysis expressed in this area and all articles on this website are the opinions and comments of the Autors.Obwohl our goal is to make sure that's right, we the completeness and correctness cannot guarantee the information on this website; Nor can we commit ourselves to ensure that the material will be updated daily.Each test is offered in good faith and to help a more informed decision when buying dog food.Due to the biological characteristic of each individual animal nothing. I bought 3 bags with dog eat very unhappy 2 adults and 1 child m ’ used the brand before and almost killed my dog so made him ill, that he stopped to eat and even vomiting. I changed his food and the best. Me and my bf taken sometimes separate 3dogs continue to use The same dog food, but the last time was my bf without me can someone prove its has the benefit of the doubt and said ’ you To try it again. The first and then start loved dogs digestive tract problem, I ’ that my dogs should take 6 times in the last three weeks, to the vet. I've been looking for information, now see the food Not good for dogs and ’ The same as the others, but it is now modified food and believe all the best and get …. The rotation of a dog food is the myth. It is people who To try the dogs eat templates overlap. A balanced diet needed to be rotated. Hi AimeeSorry has so much time to come back. Life was hard for A few time. My comment to minerals has been a lesson, then I have not any link. My virtue of Anatomy/Physiology teacher was tangent always forward and half to the cell functions rolled and began a Conference on the role of cells and sodium/potassium balance, Me too zinc by Calcio Magnesio - and something speak / MN. He said there were other imbalance through various systems in question, but because we eat formulation n t and ’ away enough had, and returned to the original theme. I have to follow many different places in different mineral balance and she mean also staff A little bit but since I haven't experience that ’ diet in the long term do I have done research in this area. Food rotation maintained I believe that I can be ’ more Hilfe.Und for the CE, I always read that are damaged by heat and oxygen, then always for granted, that it Of course in a highly processed and stored grocery store useless, or it would be, but you know what they say about recruiting taken.I refuse to believe that food for dogs to know everything you need, large companies (or less in other places), what is really the best for dogs, nutritionally. It is Very much ’, believe to have for me. You think you know more, or more? ABSOLUTELY NOT! But I think to eat, I am ’ A lot more vulnerable for accidentally all my bases covered, reduced when compared to a single food stick. We can do anything, just what we think is the best. Hello Patty, is that you have a technical veterinarian, what are his thoughts about the rotation of the food in the diet of the dog ’? To add insult to injury, the main food has wheat wheat “ ” as the second ingredient. Older dogs are more likely to Glucosamine combined arthritic than adult dogs and gliadin in wheat proteins (and protein of gliadin of barley) and above in the digestive tract and may also to ja and places them at the disposal. It is Not good for a Dog Arthritis …. Judging by its ingredients alone, eat dog blue desert seem above a dry medium.But the ingredient quality alone does not have history. Also must assess the product ’ assessment of meat content before determining a final.The Panel shows a. I'm surprised that ever ’. Pea protein has a Very much low biological value and peas contain A lot of protein. Personally, I would use pulses never all foods with A lot of protein. Beads of protein can be Very much detrimental to the dogs ’ kidneys in the long run. Peas are certainly as bad as many beans, I would say that they are the same Peggiodi of grain for the same percent in food. Food allergies (reaction of immunoglobulin E) are actually Very much rare. Sensitivities and intolerances are A lot more common. And a protein called Lectin ” “ food intolerance/sensitivity is a common cause of (reaction of immunoglobulin A). Lectins have around 30% of our food — foods such as wheat, potatoes, barley, oats, beans, bean, Garbonzo 4A, dairy products, chicken, eggs, and more.Change — ’ t do not know that it was a technical veterinarian when I posted this. I'm sorry, if there are many explanations of the IgE/IgA …. It could however. There is a complete meal replacement meals. I would ask the nutritionist in the producers and the independent ’ you To find a completely different answer. There is an incentive funding for pet food producer does not want to turn. In the context of what is the best food for your dog is relatively easy. It is only a question of biology. Research results show that dogs are carnivores. Scavengers also. Dogs or any other mammal, represents the first major step of organic material.But had left to itself, is To try dog, meat, they are carnivores. In a piece of meat, vegetables and carbohydrates a dog eat anything, which according to the degree of their awareness. But in nature, To want a dog only meat. A great meal dog everything found in the streets of the city, once again the level of hunger. In the course of history began, that we have domesticated dogs, compromising their diet. Scratch supply meat was classification as our food. How we learned to cultivate the land and prepare the food for the wide dissemination and consumption was, our selection of dogs. Comfort is called. And came with this comfort commercial pet food companies. This convenience was also the case of the people and the health of the dog. Studies and the general decline in human health, which was followed by our pets. Dogs and cats let us now all problems of health and disease that has led us to the table. Our incomplete foods for processed foods is known for many years. The same kind of suffering is our pets also ‘ snack ’ convenience, which we are. A feed bag can sit on a shelf, is the catalyst for unhealthy for two years full of processed ingredients. Our dogs are always hungry, because they die of starvation, ’ “ for good nutrition. Business food dog spot adds charges, the feces of dogs keep the consistency of cost and enzymes (fermented dry products) there to keep sense for its possible negative effects. They are products of fermentation and dry in your pocket for two reasons products are cheap ingredients that don't want when studied, to feed your dog. Dry fermentation products there is a dog toilet stool companies as possible to keep. Herbal without fermentation products of dry matter and undigested carbs products cause diarrhea dog without end. For this reason, they are there. There are synthetic vitamins and minerals to relieve our conscience. We are able to see better in the package, to believe that we To try to cultivate good dog food. Synthetic materials are A lot less value of natural vitamins and minerals. If the economic enterprises of commercial education of food of animal origin, the factor of consumables is a Pensierino. Our dogs. Keep a large company, the cost of products, advertising, packaging, shipping, and other causes are less important to maintain a healthy bottom line. After all, it's not good quality meat ’ t one of the more expensive items on your shopping list. Do you think that it is the largest ingredient in dog food? Maybe, if you $15 numbers and up to one pound. Otherwise, you're just delusional. Without a doubt the first ingredient ‘ law ’ or ‘ meat meal ’. The one trick. 5% meat and meat products is calculated for a small amount of meat ’ ‘ costs by 95%. Are A lot less expensive and good quality meat, potatoes, sugar beets, corn, peas and rice. These ingredients are added to reduce the cost of the product. Need dried products of fermentation, to these officers the short walk through digestive tract dog to help. The answer is you pay for meat at the Kassen.Dann? Even the simple. Feed your dog you are interested in. Drive your car, cell phone and water in bottles. If you like be the dog food. Meat. Body of flesh and bone. There is a huge amount of information on the Internet. Model plans and paleo dams are a good start from the square. Don't forget comfort for us and our dogs of many diseases. We are what we eat is for us and the dogs. Download all what says, but for various reasons such as the climate, developed a variety of foods to eat. Rabbit offers a different fatty acids and amino acids then Hirsch profile, a baby mouse or pheasant eggs Nest.Ich would be for this sector, for which it is most, most probably natural and nutritious dog food source. But many of us eat deer in the form of ’ natural (wild).? Croquettes are certainly more natural ” “ you could. Thank you very much. This is a beautiful dog and A lot of luck! Take never all fresh or canned food with their chips? I know. But I believe on the basis of this argument is that she believed that it is entitled to take a balanced diet for your dog and stick, which day after day to turn year after year without, with the exception of the stages of life. Do not know ’ how you can compare a flora and fauna. Eat cake of commercially not very Of course healthy food Sierra. I think it is like comparing apples with pears. Our dogs are domesticated and are grateful that to feed them properly. Commercially prepared food is not as natural dams and then again in my opinion after important to transmit a little. People digest food with chemicals all the time filled. We should say doesn t ’. It means that your digestive system can be adapted. But why buy dog with beans, your dog's meal adapted. Dogs are carnivores. Every single one of them. The public ignored. Here is how a Muslim to reach illegal foreigners as President. Thinking “, BB is Very much expensive to be good ” … Saturday Nite live even has a sketch … “ with a name like ingredients must be well ”. The name, which on the other have been, if things go wrong and the worst thing was, had more jam to taste. So goes the more cost ‘, should be just fine! ” fits here. If the food is more expensive, the company will add more ‘ ’ nothing of it, longer shelf life, so that won t ’ lose money in the short shelf life of ” real ” meat ingredients. Do not ’ there are more conservative in natural foods ’ elements ‘ (which have a short life). If your dog sensitive to these additional ingredients conservative ‘ to the pass to BB, which claims that l adds nothing ’, make you sick. You can ’ hold a piece of meat, sitting in a bag without the addition of preservatives. And that is what they say true meat ” ”. There are no products. Obviously one single plan doesn t ’ increases the likelihood of developing a food intolerance. However if you already one is genetically intolerant to foods, including symptoms can eat, and every day not proper Mucin lead the body to generate IgA etc. and when the response in the gut and one of ZONULIN increase boost develop the risk of allergies.Moreover, A few believe that the number of victims of the immune system cause an increased risk for the development of environmental allergies. “ There is A lot of interaction with minerals are reports have only ca ’ / p ’ I m reading A few information about this report, which raises doubts about what I thought to be true. ” Aimee seems really odd to me, especially in light of his recent criticism of some companies, but I have a feeling that you now have a to do a 180 turn and start, the importance of a good relationship CA / p, the importance of macro-nutrients to reduce more 2 in the diet of the dog ’ so I feel compelled to ask whether he was in contact with veterinarian Advisory DavisInc. / BalanceIt or UC Davis all got another night off-topic. Do you have a way to unveil new revelation and Illuminators in the world of dog food offered at the end, which is regarded as Very much important and your relationships?I am also on the BCnut! AAFCO has a minimum requirement for proteins and lipids, but without this minimum amount for carburettors. A diet can no additional carbohydrates and yet balanced his and comprehensive (many canned as well). It offer scientific evidence than studies by colleagues, to support their opinion don't ’ dog food must be shot? and what are your thoughts on the following opinions through the promotion of a system of rotation for dogs? — — — — — — — — — — — — — – — Energy of rotation as beneficial?The rotational energy advocates offer many advantages for health and behavior, but here are four special advantages that you would like to: 1 a comprehensive approach for IntakeMany nutritious foods on the market are comprehensive and balanced be. Food ingredients, however, have a unique nutrient profile. Components such as amino acids, vitamins, minerals and fatty acids differ depending on the type of food is. The combination of a population is complete, specific rotation makes the animal to feel the benefits of two or more food. 2. create excitement in MealtimeSome dogs and cats, are disinterested in his food, if she also used certain flavors, textures and brands. With food, the rotation is expected as a new flavorful adventure your pet always the Digesta go read up. They said that common sense is dead, therefore, according to the nutritionists, aren t ’ acquired by dog-food company.Dog food calcium phosphorus balance but that all other minerals it simply add within a certain level, rather than In fact with other minerals be balanced, that is used by the body. Therefore, if you stay with a food for life, they are Sticling puncture along the life. with a profile ore, as soon as possible, because I know, not by there is no dog food different vitamin adds, is it in fact knows all those manage add effective cancer fighters. There are 8 are different and eat better, once again only amount 4.I have a technical veterinarian, but I stopped to educate my children. I know that it ’ Hill line, Purina, Royal Canin, etc., that you eat. Try to do your own research in nutrition and you might learn something. My Husky puppies love A lot, but sometimes, that had never happened before gas and combine the raw gas, then there are still super satisfied with the food. Laughing out loud. Ah, but they do it. Wild animals have the same setting of the taste and the human home. While they eat, what they can to survive, I have no doubt plentiful food, their previous preference if dam. Some of my dogs are first heart of meat eating, then the chicken, others to reverse the order. All fish before. My birds select their fav seeds before they consume other types and my Prairie dog know that there the most important natural source of food and is always sweet potato and the vegetarian dog food. She appreciates and loves) know I wildlife rehabilitation several years ago, I found the same - his wild, has not prevented that preferably eat if sources where in good quantity. It is the diversity of amino acids and antioxidants. Or visitors often potentially could prevent your company / s of supply of pet food dirty reviewed and reviewed (potentially as a keyword). These dogs fallen sick from vitamin D about Blue Buffalo or melamine in food by menu foods as examples. The AAFCO allows a variety of profiles of nutrients in the food. At a meal, you could always d-alpha - only while the others could add tocopherol “ ” Mixed tocopherols. Beef has a different amino acid profile, then chicken and up to penalties according to AAFCO ’ t does not regulate, how much of it is in the food.OH, today my friend told me at lunch, he noticed ’ on the raw food diet, add your Newfie ’ croquettes (compared to the canned food high in protein), that his girlfriend has strength significantly more ” “. A friend made the truck and the formation of the water with his girlfriend and spends A lot of time at the dog park. You ’ believe was a week-long dog camp in October during the last two years to walk in the parade from St. Patrick's day with a group of breed Newfie in Kansas, etc, Very much active dog owners. When I was younger, Martina was a little too hyper. I have proposed a higher protein diet, and although he still, uh, was energetic, she was / is quieter and easier to keep synchronized. I met a friend in a nutrition class, the several years back. She was ’ since then come into my class. .Vergessen you not, that all foods that not all conditions of the level can meet the life style of the life, body or health. How to choose with intent. And in case of doubt, please consult a qualified vet for help. Finally we accept no money, gifts or samples from the manufacturers of the food company PET in Exchange for paying special attention to the preparation of our comments or Kritik.Weitere information about, as the costs of the operation of this Web site, please visit our audience. 39% for the entire Produktlinie.Und a protein fat approximately 40%.Rich in proteins. Gordo in the average. And below the average when compared to a typical meal dry carbohydrates.Also if we will consider the effect of the stimulation of protein, seeds of flax and alfalfa meal peas, in the profile of the seen a balanced diet with A lot of meat.The Strich.Blaue wilderness dog food croquettes without grain, with a large number of poultry, salmon and poultry food as its main sources of animal protein, is one the itself the mark 5 star worthy.It is recommended with Begeisterung.Bitte note to sometimes have A few recipes you have a higher or lower, based on our assessment of their total meat content. In any case even if candy by the FDA as safe, are always disappointed, each dye added To find food.Why ’ dye, uses the product for the people not attractive — dog. Finally do you think that your dog cares Which one color is your food?In addition, we found that the inclusion of the fermentation products dry in this recipe. Products of fermentation are usually added to digest your pet enzymes help to provide.And finally, also includes the food. My ’ s dog problem ingredients are fish and fish oils or never were the first ingredient in the food ’ there to eat them, but often meal or fish appear far down on the list of those ingredients to fish oil. and garlic. Hi, I have a 6 year old Chihuahua. I fed the blue. But not the ’ best for him, or not. It would you please hits me what is best for him? Count Don t ’ in the price. I want just a longer life span. Always pee yellow and took him to the vet and she told me that it is good. Don ’ t know is food or not. Everything has power to do what. Domestic dogs in the location, grains or any other food are what they say without meat to digest that. It also means that every creature under kind does not Digest basically is what he says. A predator has to do nothing at all with the classification of the carnivores. As I've already said, domestic dogs are omnivores. I m a ’ top of Biochemistry at Columbia, I have a lot of kinds of biology and Zoology who taught, and may incorrectly open to me. I choose to release due to the terrible GMO wheat ’ s my dogs get their grain table scraps. My lab is 14 years old. Bit N lived most of his life, croquettes and leftovers. Dog eat get a good start for our puppy would, since it is probably not as strong as my lab to change (laboratory comes all socks and pass them all the time lol!). I have ’ I am not an employee of a pet food company. It is notorious for pet owners, the never the brand of food modified have – I'm here not attacking, so I you questions you ’ attacked him. You want to more about what ’ view said the vet Fragen.Ich have a relative, moved its Purina Pro plan dog then hung, if the breeder has used a different food. Dog had blood and mucus in the stool, the severe diarrhea for one and a half week during the transition. In a moment what the veterinary hospital emergency and not found anything wrong with him and Cncluded, which was due to the rapid development of the diet.I tried in any way, push this food for everyone, just wanted to help to understand the speaker, what had happened. He said “ wolves in Yellowstone were not a sheep and Antelope, rabbits, raccoons, Beaver, and America, irrespective of the source of protein switches. They ate mostly a source of protein. ” “ ' important varieties of Koala? It is important that the polar bear, eating almost exclusively by the variety of the seal? “ still ” in nature, there are animals that primarily eat The same every day for his entire life. For example of the food bamboo Panda Koala eats eucalyptus ” — — … — — — — — — — — — — — they believe that dogs need not rely to their diet and eat cake, which are over the years well, as evidence that the Panda and Koala polar bears and Supuestoel Wolf referenced hatWolf droppings have posted a link to the Swedish study by Wolf. This shows that the Swedish wolves eat all year round especially moose.I showed him, that even if a Wolf should eat only Moose to your protein source, there is a nutritional difference between summer and winter Moose moose in Sweden also has a nutritional difference between Moose calf, puppies, adults and older Menschen.Es the Moose gives a difference in nutrition between the different parts, such as: HairBloodStomachIntestinesLeg MeatRump muscle MeatNeck muscle MeatShoulder muscle MeatRib muscle MeatLiverHeartKidneyLungsHairHideBoneand muscle etc., Wolf-eating Moose share in different percentages depending on their age: puppy, young adults, adults, and older.Based on its location in the package: Alfa, men, women … agriculture is a variable diet almost endless series, which can claim a Wolf on the origin of a protein called moose. Animal feed is a homogenous dish. Each piece of food in a bag is the same as with all other parts of the balanced feed in your pocket, no matter what ’ the ingredients, each piece are nutritionally balanced food each piece is the same.There is also the fact that plant material, which nutritionally different seasons of the year and one year to another is a Wolf eating.Wolves and not the same source of protein meal, easy day after day and year after Jahr.Ich think the link on the Swedish study consistently with his idea was, that dogs will not have to rely on their diet. It has been shown that this logic is flawed. Since then adult Categorías Cachorro/growth/main and repro, not A lot of movement for life has only two. Only I ’ t now buy food at the age of 1 year and up to the death for your needs will suffice. I agree! The reason why my dog food mix ’ A little bit has nothing to do, what you see in nature.Check out the following instructions not be ’ accordance with them. “ You need To give the sources of proteins, as in nature an animal ’ t the animal eat every day. ” or “ animals in the wild Don ’ t develop undesirable, because they eat food source animals All the time changes.Diet in the wild also happened, where the animal to reproduce and pass their genetic material. A myth? LMAO. Balanced diet is artificial and always has the potential that are defective or power in some departments. Rotation of the brands of transport helicopters in order to reduce this risk. Feel free same day inside and out to feed your dog, but the man knows it's better to know that a food is Not much good. This is common during the transition to a new diet, in particular, when the change occurs quickly (Not much slowly introduced). If no dog food again modifying additional food must over a period of at least two weeks, after only a tablespoon for the first few days and slowly increases, food until you remove completely.Do not slowly, introducing a new food, which can cause severe stomach intestine applied and bloody diarrhea. This is not a brand of dog food, including Buffalo of the coast. Bless you. As age edit one dog good food move through life or for the donation of medicine food site ’ believe that food should be disabled. This is my opinion, on the basis of experience and study of 22 years. a group of idiots talk about dog food. Let ’ Sue Coca-Cola for placing on the market No more coca, misleading advertising by Coca … in this regard by any person who gives a sh * and advertising. Research and feed your dog something to eat is To give them and if they then Of course food. It has ’ as A few people ’ won ' t eat certain foods due to their diet or the likes and the dislikes. The animal is like a family, don't forget that. used to the most elephants later describe food. I agree with Jenn on yellow background, which usually ’ drink not enough water. But if you time it happen with a (now defunct) dog had intense yellow urine without infection, etc., which At last understood, was that she had vaginitis. Set on a course of antibiotics and it went well after that. Of course, your child any vaginitis, but another reason must check, whether everything that you are looking for in the urine infection. Make sure you are, drink enough water, because more than likely the problem. Would you ever saw, gums, etc. ensure that it does not ’ dehydrated? A lot of food goes, I have three dogs and I will give to eat raw food company.? Trademarks of rotation and proteins. You were never healthier or happier, and then with a raw-food diet. All kinds of questions, which disappeared. There is no more gas, gurgling stomach, ears, Lievite, major tasks Poppe, outpouring of tears. All a thing of the past. Even if they are a donation of bath much ’ t smells like dog. I know that they need a bath, because I know that once wet last li. If you want t ’ raw food and then the next, what I would say that it is a dehydrated food. Enable the food with water, then it would be even more moisture in this way. Next on my list would be canned food / feed. Would it be to do something about it not croquettes. For some reason, that many small dogs (in my experience) don ’ t, to drink A lot of water. I hope that this has helped. Although it was read as a theme, carry a debate or discussion of ideas and opinions and experiences, the all of us … a valuable resource when there is so much conflicting information out there. Wolf vs Fido, we are always Fido a Wolf? or not? It is a discussion. None of us mind the advertising for themselves, but not ’ the label, it is important that the research and somewhere to start, as it says, any dog can be or is a little different … I'm also wondering what is best for my lab 7 MB … so hard to understand.I mean used to feed dogs and it is beginning to feel that the best system would be The best … how we … people, but also it is highly questionable and evolution … sighs. As well as always, take all information from a reading … thanks to everyone for an interesting discussion and ‘ ’ food … thinking. I think are certainly going in the right direction, but they still have a way to go. I googled “ science diet dog food County corn ” and waterfalls ideal balance. “ Page said corn, wheat and soybeans without ”, but barley in foods. Who react to gluten from wheat (called gliadin) of gluten in barley (called gliadin) responds. Chicken proteins are also protein, probably more barley and vetch. Minerals that have been chemically bound to the protein. This makes them easier to absorb. Chelated minerals normally inside the better dog food. ,,.